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I hear crackling noise during phone calls or while playing music
Make sure your smartphone is in the vicinity of your Neckmaster. Do not leave your hands or fingers on the Bluetooth transmitter area. If you are listening to music in streaming, make sure to have a good Internet connection (specially if you are on the move). The nominal range of your Neckmaster is about 10 meters and highly dependent on the environment (thick walls, metal objects, interferences and orientation of your smartphone versus your Neckmaster).
My Neckmaster is often disconnected from my smartphone
Your smartphone will automatically disconnect your Neckmaster after being out of range or out of use for some time. In case of a short disconnection, the Neckmaster will reconnect automatically when it comes back in range with the smartphone. In case of a longer disconnection, you will need to press only once the main control (you will hear ‘you are connected’ on your micro-speakers). In case of a very long disconnection and or in some situations, you will need to go to the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone to manually reconnect your Neckmaster.
Music quality is not satisfactory and/or there is a lack of bass
To get the most out of the Neckmaster’s sound quality it’s very important to properly select your ear tips size and to properly adjust them in your ear canal to create a good seal effect. Without a proper seal effect in your ear canal, the low frequencies will be lost thus affecting music quality (please refer to p8-9 of your detailed user manual). We recommend the use of foam ear tips for music as they provide superior noise isolation. Silicone ear tips are best for calls. Also, you can enhance bass by selecting the Extra-bass music mode (p15 of the detailed user manual).
The caller ID is not notified on incoming calls
Your smartphone should be compatible with the PBAP protocol to be able to notify the caller ID. Upon an incoming call, your Neckmaster will notify you the name of the caller as registered in your smartphone address book. If the caller is not registered the incoming number will be notified. Masked or unknown calls will not be notified by IOS smartphones. For Android smartphones make sure you have authorized the access to your address book during the 1st pairing and authorize the Neckmaster in the Bluetooth menu for ‘Audio’ and ‘Media’ profiles.
Caller ID is not properly notified
Please check that you have selected the language of your address book (English or French) available by default. In case names in your address book are registered in capital letters, such names will be notified letter by letter upon an incoming call.
I no longer hear my instant messages alerts (SMS, agenda, instant messages) on my IOS smartphone while the Neckmaster is paired
When your Neckmaster is paired, your IOS smartphone automatically toggles to hands-free mode and re-directs sound alerts to your micro-speakers. In this mode, you will no longer hear on your IOS device sound alerts from instant messages such as SMS, calendar events... To re-direct sound alerts back to your IOS device while your Neckmaster is paired: 1.Swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to open the Control Center, and tap the ‘Airplay’ icon or search for the ‘Audio Source’ menu. 2.From the ‘AirPlay’ menu, tap on your ‘IOS Device’ name. To finish, press the main button of your IOS device. Your IOS device will automatically toggle back to 'hands-free' mode if, from the Neckmaster you play music, press the main button, recharge it, activate the 'Phone Loss' function or go out of range. In such cases, you will need to manually re-direct the sound back to your IOS device as explained above. It only takes a few seconds to toggle back.
The ‘phone loss’ mode is triggered too often
Keep your Neckmaster within a range of about 10 meters away from your smartphone. If you have paired your Neckmaster to a second smartphone or Bluetooth device, make sure it remains within a range of 8-10 meters from your smartphone. The ‘phone loss’ mode can easily be enabled and disabled (p18 of the detailed user manual).
My Neckmaster commands don’t work with some applications and/or with some devices
Commands from your Neckmaster to play music and for calls will be deactivated by some applications such as FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or with some computers. In this event, you will need to play music, start and end calls directly from the Bluetooth device. Some applications such as Shazam will also deactivate sound from your Neckmaster.
My micro-speakers don’t stay in place or become uncomfortable
Generally caused by the improper size of ear tips. Oversized ear tips for your ear canal will become uncomfortable and undersized will have a tendency to fall of your ears. Take the time to choose the ear tip that suits you best. Do not hesitate to test the 4 sizes of silicone ear tips and the 2 sizes of foam ear tips until you find the most suitable for you. Some people will need a different ear tip size for each ear.
During calls, my conversation parties can’t hear me well or hear me too loud
You can increase or decrease the volume of the Neckmaster’s microphone as explained on page 18 of the detailed user manual. Make sure you are not blocking with your clothes or hand the microphone of your Neckmaster (scarf, coat, sweater...) and keep away necklaces or jewelry from scratching the Neckmaster during calls. If you are in a noisy environment, bring the microphone located near the main command at 5 cm of your mouth. Do not shout and make sure you are not blocking the Bluetooth transmitter, which is located between the main command and the volume command.
I have the feeling of blocked ears or echo during phone calls
Avoid creating a seal effect with the ear tips in your ear canal while placing calls. The ear tips should stay in place in your ear without fully blocking your ear canal; refer to pages 8 and 9 of the detailed user manual. Please note that the silicone ear tips are the most suitable to place calls.
Although my ‘Neckmaster’ is displayed on the Bluetooth menu of my smartphone, I can no longer pair it
You might have to forget the paired Neckmaster from the Bluetooth menu, switch off and switch on your Neckmaster and switch off and on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone.
Is listening to music at high volume dangerous to my health
Yes, listening to music or placing phone calls at a high volume and/or during long periods of time can damage the internal ear and cause partial or total deafness. Hearing buzzing or humming noises and/or a clogged ear feeling represent alert signals. If such symptoms persist a few hours after exposure or after a full night, a specialized doctor shall be immediately contacted. Fatigue, drugs and alcohol reduce the sensibility of the ear to support pain increasing the risk of overexposure to high levels of noise.
How to change the Neckmaster language
Your Neckmaster is delivered with 2 languages (English & French). At anytime you can change the language by resetting you’re Neckmaster (factory reset) and pairing it again to your smartphone as explained in your detailed user manual page 19.

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